BI Value Enablement

BI Value Enablement

Building BI solutions is not just about creating technology solutions; it is about making it work for you.

Why BI Value Enablement Services?

Colorful dashboards, insightful analytics and comprehensive reporting do not by themselves ensure we have realized the value of BI as a powerful tool. Ask these questions:

  • Does my BI application work the way it was supposed to work, and are the results accurate?
  • Do we use the right technology mix or have we invested in the right technology?
  • Are we managing the BI initiatives in an effective manner?
  • Are all the users using the BI applications the right way?
  • Are we meeting the business objectives that we set to achieve by using these applications and is there an ROI?

A good service provider will help you get the maximum returns from your BI investments by addressing all dimensions of success: performance, results, quality and scalability.

How Can BTS-India Help?

BTS-India can help achieve your ROI by working with you to enhance the usability, rationalizing technology, achieve cost savings and enhance business value.


  • BI/DW Testing Services
  • Business Value Assurance
  • BI Project/Program Management
  • BI Adoption Programs
  • Technology Migration/Upgrade and Conversion Services
  • Platform Consolidation Services