Product sustenance and support services based on a global delivery model have a strong potential to bring down the overall cost of product development. Outsourced product sustenance provides ISVs with the freedom and flexibility to use its core product development resources to work on high-value activities such as future builds, design, architecture and product modernization.

Why Sustenance Services?

  • ISVs would rather get their product development teams to focus on product innovation rather than maintenance & support
  • Constant requirement to lower cost of product maintenance and support
  • Need for 24X 7 support and help desk capabilities for customers

How Can BTS-India Help?

With its heritage in developing software products in the Supply chain and Life Sciences domains, BTS-India specializes in software product sustenance area. Our product engineering team provides the following benefits when sustaining or maintaining a product:

  • Takes ownership of legacy version maintenance & support with minimal lead times for product knowledge transition
  • Helps reduce product development maintenance costs by leveraging its global delivery model
  • Sets up professional services teams to develop & maintain customer specific product versions


  • Sustenance Services