Product Design

Product Design

Faster product innovation and product development

Companies across the globe are looking for creative ways to reduce costs while continuing to provide their customers the products and services that they have come to expect. BTS-India’s product design solutions provide product companies with a way to develop products faster, all the while minimizing the cost of product development.

Our team works closely with clients to establish comprehensive statements of work that include strictly monitored quality/productivity metrics and goals. A stringent governance structure assures that these goals are met or exceeded, delivering products with higher quality, in less time. Our management comes from the commercial software industry so we understand the considerable differences between developing commercially successful software products vs. I.T. project work.

BTS-India product design solutions have a development framework that can accommodate high level requirement descriptions, last minute changes, and evolving designs. We take ownership for a complete feature/function /technology, or an entire product. Our approach to development ensures that the end product has high levels of quality, scalability, extensibility, and maintainability.

Our services are delivered as product excellence centers. Each center starts with a detailed assessment covering team member profiles, work assignments/planning as well as timelines and goals. The centers are staffed with carefully screened (you participate in this process) team members with the requisite domain, functionality, and technology expertise. The team members sign on as an extension of your organization for several years, imbuing your culture, technologies and domain.

BTS-India range of services

  • Product strategy & architecture
  • System software development
  • Support services
  • Developing new, customized applications engineered for a perfect fit
  • Integrating new, re-engineered, reconfigured legacy systems
  • Redeploying a smoothly functioning body of enterprise applications
  • Set the Standards for Competitiveness

BTS-India’s structured methodologies and virtual development techniques ensure that software innovations are quickly, smoothly and fully integrated. BTS-India helps improve efficiencies of virtual commerce, reduce costs, efficiently focus resources on core competencies, optimize operations, facilitate expansion and organizational integration.