Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response

BTS-India team experience in the development of IVR applications on various platforms like Avaya, Nortel, Intervoice, Computer Instruments e-IVR. BTS-India experience in developing applications on speech for voice enabling is well demonstrated. We are skilled in integrating IVR solutions into customer contact centers with various forms of call transfers, including passing information using various CTI technologies such as Avaya’s Interaction Center’s VESP module, Avaya’s ASAI and CTI software, and Cisco GeoTel ICM.

We have developed applications utilizing Speech Works, Nuance Natural Language. We are also experienced in interfacing IVR systems to external databases and web servers using a variety of tools and methods.

Recent Projects

Telecom Wireless Provider

Avaya CONVERSANT UCS 1000 system
Cellular customer account balance, bill pay, and plan type changes
Interfaced with Cisco GeoTel ICM for call routing
JAVA API interface to client systems

Large Local Government Establishment

Avaya CONVERSANT UCS 1000 system
Child support payment status, traffic ticket payment, out calling reminder on late ticket status and payment
SpeechWorks Recognizer used for alphanumeric case number recognition
JAVA API interface to client systems

Large Railroad Company:

Avaya CONVERSANT UCS 1000 systems
Order creation and billing for rail shipments
SpeechWorks Recognizer with Speech Secure voice authentication and Speechify text to speech
Vonetix XML interface to client web servers Interface to external Oracle database servers

Avaya CTI DIP interface to multiple Avaya CT servers in a redundant configuration


" I am very satisfied with the work products provided by Computer Instruments and Nynes software on this project. The technicians and developers were courteous, knowledgeable and cooperative during the course of the project. Most of all, the Nynes software developers were available, which is extremely important just before and during implementation."

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