DBA Services

DBA Services

Administration of Oracle eBiz application and its core database is a mission critical activity. Businesses need to ensure high availability and scalability of their application instances to make sure that precious business time is not lost.

Large enterprises face challenges keeping pace with the constant changes with the application and operating system technologies. BTS-India has been empowering its clients by providing the breadth and depth of technical expertise required to meet these challenges.

Why DBA Services?

  • Keep pace with the rapid updates (patches) from Oracle
  • Address the ever increasing size of data and users
  • Ensure business continuity despite unexpected failures
  • Pro-actively monitor instance downtime/system crash
  • Mitigate risk and improve system up-time

How Can BTS-India Help?

BTS-India has a large pool of Oracle Certified Professionals with substantial experience to bolster your infrastructure by:

  • provide best-in-class administration of instances
  • hardware sizing
  • performance tuning and optimization


TAKE’s range of niche Oracle DBA services include:

  • Oracle Apps Installation
  • Oracle Apps Implementation Support
  • Oracle Apps Maintenance
  • Oracle Apps Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Apps System Administration