Electronic Data Capture

Electronic Data Capture

The clinical development of drugs involves a large amount of data capture and handling of data. Major advantages are obtainable when current technologies are leveraged to enhance and improve the collection, aggregation, consolidation, and dissemination of data that are part of the clinical test process.

Our goal at BTS-India is to help improve and speed the clinical development of drugs, medical devices, vaccines, and diagnostics by jointly working with our clients and leveraging our expertise in the design, development, and successful deployment of data capture and handling applications. Our planned and systematic approach share best practice standards, and experience to deliver a quality user centric solutions.

BTS-India has expertise in various relevant electronic data applications. Administration Applications These applications are aimed at automating the establishment of trials and the configuration of the base structure that controls the conduct of trials. Statistical tools, reporting, and other data aggregation tools are integrated into the application. Tools that can generate documents that meet industry standards are also utilized. Data Capture Applications

These applications and tools leverage voice and web channels so that data can be captured in the most efficient manner. This ensures that the data is integral and meets expected quality standards.

Messaging System

These tools are used to provide alerts to various entities that are registered into the system through the administration set-up.

Workflow Applications

Every clinical process has a workflow through which various decision are made. We use our extensive expertise in workflow application development to develop a flexible workflow application to meet current and future needs.

Data aggregation and reporting

BTS-India can assist in setting up effective data mining tools that help you sort through large amounts of information and discover relationships and correlations.

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